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Requirements: All applying Rjs/djs must be able to mix and host their own shows and commit to a 2 hours show on the station! Before you can broadcast on Pakistan Fm 103 you will need the following Expertise to operate SAM Broadcaster/WinAMP+Shoutcast plugin A PC with the ability to install the broadcast software A fast Broadband/DSL Internet connection (you will need a stable upload speed of more than 2 kbps) Enough vinyl / CDs for a weekly 2 hour set A microphone so you can host your show Terms & Conditions You must host your show and interact with the listeners. Each show must be mixed live from start to finish (no exceptions will be made on this). Guest DJ/ RJs are fine but they will be expected to follow our Terms & Conditions as well. You may play during your show time only or whenever permitted do not run into another RJs/DJs show. All RJs/DJs are expected to turn up on time every time . if you can not make a show then contact management as soon as possible. Do not share or give out our stream details or logins. If you can meet above mentioned requirements and agree to the terms & conditions send us your details
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